Модель: CC26-TAB

Код товара: 226450


Типавтомобильное ЗУ
СовместимостьiPad/iPhone/iPod/Galaxy S2/Blackberry/HTC/Other
Типавтомобильное ЗУ

iPad/iPhone/iPod/Galaxy S2/Blackberry/HTC/Other


"Description: 5.0V/2100mA Compatible: iPad/iPhone/iPod/Galaxy S2/Blackberry/HTC/Other Mobile Phone... Detail: Function: DC/DC USB Power Adapter Advantage: Dual USB Output,Can Supply iPod And Other Digital Products To Charge Up At the Same Time. Approved: CE Input: DC 12-24V Single Output ( iPad ): DC Max. 5.0V/2100mA Single Output ( Mobile ): DC Max. 5.0V/500mA Dual Output: DC Max. 5.0V/1600mA (iPad) + DC Max. 5.0V/500mA ( Mobile) LED: Red (Charging), green ?Battery 90% or No-load)"

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